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The inter-ministerial committee - made up of ministers from the following ministries:

  • Further explore the national market outlook with the growth of the LPG power generation sector.

  • Support the development of LPG Markets

  • Promote compliance with standards, good business and safety practices.

  • Identify innovation and facilitate knowledge transfer


Create credible partnerships

DLPGOVP’s powerful industry membership structure provides unique opportunities for members in both mature and developing LPG markets to communicate and create credible partnerships for business development.

Platform for information exchange

DLPGOVP provides a platform for information exchange, regularly organizing interactive meetings and in-country workshops between technical experts, senior members and key stakeholders. These events are designed to highlight the benefits of LPG, discuss best practices and promote the safe and sustainable use of LPG around the world.

Unique Network Opportunities

DLPGOVP members receive regular updates, announcements, newsletters and reports via email with information on DLPGOVP actions, achievements, projects, international developments and external representation.


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